Saturday, April 16, 2011

think about others, be patient!

dah berhabuk belog aku nieh.. puhh22!! tiup habuk2.. hahaha..

aq skrg mmg males btl nak update beog nieh.. hehe.. tp kdg2.. ne share gak// bru rase legaaaaaaaaaaa sgt!
 skrg aku sibuk ngan assgment.. p/s pdn muke! buat keje lmbt lg kn..  hehehe..

well,  ain, adik aq kne appendix.. poor her.. her appendix already burst you know! sumpah saket!! mcm mane la adik aku th saket.. aq skt kpale pun smp nanges thp gle3!

 ok, iwant to share something! korang student kan?  its normal we living with 12 people or less,more in one house.. there is always a problem.. not everyone is same.. yes! not everyone is same! ape aku merapik neih.. adussshhhh...
 just wanna advice la.. for all people out there and near me.. if ade problem with others people.. plez jgn libatkan org lain.. think positive la  dah-ling! chill lah! and ples.. luahkan ape yg tak suke.. then ends there.. phm tak what i mean? ble dah luah.. kte berbaik2.. just forget about pass..  thats all.. no need to extand it.. smp ble?? kan? tp kan, klu aq.. aku ske pendam je.. mls nak gaduh2 nieh.. dah fobia kot na luah dpn2! tkt org slah fhm..  
so, pape hal.. jgn gaduh2.. we already matured.. i think gaduh2 ni x msk akal langsung..  nonsense!
and jgn sbbkan kte.. kte susahkan org lain..

kl ah.. bubye dah-ling.. take care!!!

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