Saturday, October 15, 2011


SALAM.. =)

situation 1

one : hai, ika (kakak saya)
ika : oh! hai, one! how's going?
one : great! oh, btw.. who's that? ur sister?
ika : oh, yes! introduce my sister, LEMON.
one : LEMON?? HUHH??!! why lemon??

situation 2

situation : im talking with my friend and my mom call me.
mom : LEMON, datang sini jap!
my friend : hahahahahah!!! her mom call her LEMON!

situation 3

one : hai, what's your name?
me : oh! hai, just call me LEMON.
one : HURM??? ( annoying face)

okey,, that's 3 example of situation that i always face.
hahaha.. yup, quite funny but sometimes its make me uncomfortable. Just because LEMON, everyone look at me and stare at me like i am an alien. but im okey with all this stuff..

talk about LEMON, yes! that's my nickname and all my relatives call me LEMON even my bestfriend call me LEMON ( sometimes! haha)..

i just wondering, why people feel weird with my nickname? why? why?
hurm.. it is because LEMON is fruit, so it cant be my name?
then why people use BELL to call someone, and it does not weird to people?
i believe people know that BELL means 'LOCENG'.
hurm.. why this happen?

i cant answer this, because i dont know why..
orrrr.... i should ask people who weird with my name to answer this.. hehehe..
perhaps they got the answer.. ( i hope so)

eventhough everyone feel weird with my nickname, but i feel lucky because its hard to find people call their name LEMON.  i feel sooo special.. and i do love people to call me LEMON, because its my name people!
my advice, just call what you want to yourself.. its your name, and feel lucky to have it! =)

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