Wednesday, December 14, 2011

dear ruthie,


now, i officially stay at langkawi island for 4 months.. im a chef trainee here.. you know what, this place are awesome! you should come here.. this resort is really2 near to beach!

okey, story about here.. the first word that i learn here is CABAI ( donno how to spell it, lbh kurang lah tuuu... ) first day i work at kitchen, one of the kitchen staff say to me like this" please cut the 'CABAI" .. i was shocked! since that time, kitchen is too pack and i cant hear her very well.. because of that, i heard like she pronounce cibai (cibai is a word like stupid, i guess).. so i ask her again, "what?".. that she said.. " can you cut a chili for me?." HAHAHAHHA... shame of me! now i know, that cabai is chili.. they using kedah words, and of course i could not understand!

i have a lot of new friends here! rachel, stephanie, shah, aidil, ayie, wan, faizal ( he's like zafree!), yugesh, wan yee, hui wen and qiqi.. and,and, and chef mat ali!!! hehe..

they all are from different college were rachel,stephanie and yugesh from segi college penang, aidil,qiqi and faizal from uitm penang, wan and ayie from same college of me but different batch, and wan yee and hui wen from taylor college..

i really enjoy here, but i really miss my home.. its so complicated to go home.. so, im stuck here.. i have to take 2 flight to go to kelantan.. and it will cost about RM 200 above.. if i total up, so that mean i have to spend rm 500 to go back to kelantan and go back to langkawi..

langkawi to kuala lumpur, kuala lumpur to kelantan + kelantan to kuala lumpur,kuala lumpur to langkawi
= rm500

that's all from me now..

love and hugs,

Thursday, October 20, 2011

tumpang sedih + SEDIH!


just now, aq bru je bce blog kwn aq.. totally sad! hurm.. kisah cinta yang terhalang.. hurm? yke? ntahlah..
mcm cinta tiga segi pun ade kot??? but yunk, aq ttp sokong kau! kte dah lame kawan, and i know you.. kau mmg sayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaanngggg gila kat dye! mybe sekarang bukan jodoh korang, tapi who knows, jodoh korang later.. kan kawan???? about that girl, you just let her.. ok? life moves on.. ko pun tgh happy kan?? wink2!!

soal ttg org len, aq senderi pun ada masalah dgn si dia! hurm.. ade gaduh2 la sket mlm nieh.. misunderstanding.. tp.. aq rase tu perkra biasa dlm hubungan..

even aq gaduh, but i know that he loves me.
and by, I LOVE YOU!

oh,ye! td call yaty... hahahahah.. sumpah rindu!! mcm2 borak dgn dye.. borak ttg tyn, zaty.. argghhhhhh!!! kawan2, aq rindu padamu! heheheh.. first2 td call tyn, tp x angkat.. haduish.. tyn ni ssh tol na angkat phone... he.. xpelah.. agpun dah dpt lepas rindu dgn yaty.. dan buat aq lg happy, yaty nak jumpe aq nnt.. yay!!! ade kwn la blk kb nnt..

heheh.. k lah.. bubye!

p/s : zaty, sabar k??? ko mmg dah cukup baik and aq sayangkan ko.. ko jgn risau.. ramai yg sokong ko.. apepun, ko bahagia skrg!

Saturday, October 15, 2011


SALAM.. =)

situation 1

one : hai, ika (kakak saya)
ika : oh! hai, one! how's going?
one : great! oh, btw.. who's that? ur sister?
ika : oh, yes! introduce my sister, LEMON.
one : LEMON?? HUHH??!! why lemon??

situation 2

situation : im talking with my friend and my mom call me.
mom : LEMON, datang sini jap!
my friend : hahahahahah!!! her mom call her LEMON!

situation 3

one : hai, what's your name?
me : oh! hai, just call me LEMON.
one : HURM??? ( annoying face)

okey,, that's 3 example of situation that i always face.
hahaha.. yup, quite funny but sometimes its make me uncomfortable. Just because LEMON, everyone look at me and stare at me like i am an alien. but im okey with all this stuff..

talk about LEMON, yes! that's my nickname and all my relatives call me LEMON even my bestfriend call me LEMON ( sometimes! haha)..

i just wondering, why people feel weird with my nickname? why? why?
hurm.. it is because LEMON is fruit, so it cant be my name?
then why people use BELL to call someone, and it does not weird to people?
i believe people know that BELL means 'LOCENG'.
hurm.. why this happen?

i cant answer this, because i dont know why..
orrrr.... i should ask people who weird with my name to answer this.. hehehe..
perhaps they got the answer.. ( i hope so)

eventhough everyone feel weird with my nickname, but i feel lucky because its hard to find people call their name LEMON.  i feel sooo special.. and i do love people to call me LEMON, because its my name people!
my advice, just call what you want to yourself.. its your name, and feel lucky to have it! =)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

starlight tears

the white starlight envelops the tears
the tears fall in the warm wind
do you feel it?
this trembling, quiet whisper that is going your way

i draw you on this white paper
the warm smile holds me
is this love?
even when i close my eyes, i see only you

i will be waiting for you
i will wait for you
i don't want to see the tears of pain anymore
you let me know
this love that's like a lie, i'll never let it go
because that love is you

i'm walking in my memories with you
the tears fill even the deepest area of my heart
what should i do?
even in my dreams, i miss you

i will be waiting for you
i will wait for you
i don't want to see the tears of pain anymore
you let me know
this love that's like a lie, i'll never let it go
because that love is you

please look at me, like the faraway stars
can't you be the one that's in my heart

i will be waiting for you
i will wait for you
i don't want to see the tears of pain anymore
you let me know
this love that's like a lie, i'll never let it go
because that love is you

Tuesday, May 31, 2011


why you lie to me..
i dont understand..
why you must lie to me???
do you know that i am sad??
i need you!
i love you!
but WHY...?
why you do this to me..
i already miss you .. 
i always love you..
my life feel so empty without you..
but WHY..?
you did not find me.. 
it was me the heart broken..
but it also me looking for you..
am i stupid?
looking for the person who make my heart broken..
what can i do?
i still love him..
i love him.
but my heart cant accept him..
its too hurt to accept..
im so confused..
so lonely..
so sad....
WHY it happen to me,,,

Friday, April 29, 2011


as salam semua!!

nak thu x? final men lg 2 hari.. but i'm still not studying anything! choi! terukkan men ni? hrmm.. tak thu lah ape nak jd na men nieh.. but dun worry! men na paksa gak stdy hari ni. he.

smlm kan, kononnye nak study.. tp last2 kuar gak.. hehe.. g pwtc and jalan tar ngan makngah n family.. kuar pg, blk dah ptg.. mlm?? of course penat.. then conclusion nye.. x stdy lngsng! klu iktkan equation nyer.. mcm nie..

jalan2 (pwtc + jalan tar) x masa ( dr pg - smp ptg) = penat (x stdy!)

heheh.. btl x equation tu?? hehehhe..

tpkan? stdy last minute ni x elok.. tp tu lah.. dah tahu x elok.. tp still stdy last minute! LEMON!!! WAKE UP LA!! KO AMBIK DIPLOMA BKN UPSR NAK MAIN2!! fuhh~~~ but still unwake up! teruknyer aku nieh...

jgn tiru men ok!

bubye dah-ling!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


as salam semua!!
 lamenyer taa update blog.. hehehe.. 
well, hr ni kan dah last class.. next week dah final!!! OMJAYYY!! final.. tp aku? ntah pape lg.. heheh.. xpe2.. rilex2.. 

hr ni kan.. bosaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnn gile~ so, i decide untuk mem "upgrate" kan blog ni.. ingatkan senang na edit2 nieh. tp pergh!!! gile aq dibuatnyer.. dah brape jam mengadap si PINK yg tomei ni, x menjadi2 gak.. ni je yg dpt hasilnyer.. tp oklah drpd hr tu.. heheh.. 

yg plg buat saya bengang adalah.. saya tak thu mcm mana na buat header!! tatetnyer hati!!! tp klakar kan? org len sng je buat.. tetibe aku taa pndi.. hehehe..

xpe, t saya minta org ajarkan.. hehe..

hurm.. taa besh la gune aq, saya.. nak gne MEN lah.. mcm ckp dgn family.. besh cket.. hehe..

ok, skrg men dah kene tukar bilik.. agak sedih la.. ye la, dah almost one year duk bilik tu, suddenly men kene tukar.. huhuhu.. tp xpela.. msh duk umah yg same.. itu dah cukup.. Alhamdulillah.. smlm kan, men ngan kwn2 men tukar kedudukan bilik.. drpd bilik yg sempit, jd BESAARRR!!!!! mmg besh la.. sbb dulu ruang kecik je.. skrg da besar sng la na jln2 lam bilik.. hehehe.. smlm kan, mmg penat tp besh la.. he.. mcm gotong royong.. 

na ckp pe lg ek? ntah le.. heheh.. 

klah.. bubye.. men na rehat la lak.. luv u dah-ling!

p/s: thank ncet sbb dtg sini! luv u lah ketat3!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

think about others, be patient!

dah berhabuk belog aku nieh.. puhh22!! tiup habuk2.. hahaha..

aq skrg mmg males btl nak update beog nieh.. hehe.. tp kdg2.. ne share gak// bru rase legaaaaaaaaaaa sgt!
 skrg aku sibuk ngan assgment.. p/s pdn muke! buat keje lmbt lg kn..  hehehe..

well,  ain, adik aq kne appendix.. poor her.. her appendix already burst you know! sumpah saket!! mcm mane la adik aku th saket.. aq skt kpale pun smp nanges thp gle3!

 ok, iwant to share something! korang student kan?  its normal we living with 12 people or less,more in one house.. there is always a problem.. not everyone is same.. yes! not everyone is same! ape aku merapik neih.. adussshhhh...
 just wanna advice la.. for all people out there and near me.. if ade problem with others people.. plez jgn libatkan org lain.. think positive la  dah-ling! chill lah! and ples.. luahkan ape yg tak suke.. then ends there.. phm tak what i mean? ble dah luah.. kte berbaik2.. just forget about pass..  thats all.. no need to extand it.. smp ble?? kan? tp kan, klu aq.. aku ske pendam je.. mls nak gaduh2 nieh.. dah fobia kot na luah dpn2! tkt org slah fhm..  
so, pape hal.. jgn gaduh2.. we already matured.. i think gaduh2 ni x msk akal langsung..  nonsense!
and jgn sbbkan kte.. kte susahkan org lain..

kl ah.. bubye dah-ling.. take care!!!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

i miss my friend!

ble dah sambung belajar nieh..
aq rindu kawan kawan aku time sekolah..
arghhhh~~~~ !!! rindu kan time sekolah2 nieh..

aq rindu time class 1 al biruni,2 al biruni, 3 al biruni.. aq rindu SCHOOL GENERATION! aq rindu 4 jazzar, aq rindu 5 SAINS 1! HURM... i miss all that.. tp plg aq rindu.. SCHOOL GENERATION.. HURMM.. =(((


segala suka duka, aku lalui dgn semua org2 nie.. yg dipanggil SAHABAT.. aku sayang korang sumee!!!!! luv u all..

korang, korang rindu x saat ni???????
hurm.. i wish i can back to time..

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


pepatah ada menyatakan berkawan bia seribu, bercinta biar satu..
ok, ape yg korang fhm ttg kenyataan ni?
bagi aq, ini menunjukkan bahawa kawan-kawan ni sgt9 penting.. cinta tu penting jgk.. 
ok, aq bg contoh..

 klu korang gaduh ngan ORANG YANG KORANG TERSAYANG.. korang mengadu kat sape?? kawan korang jgk kan??

then, klu ade mslh ttg hal perempuan atau lelaki.. i mean its "private".. xkan korang nak cte kat psgn msg2.. last2, kat kawan jgk kan??

korang ade masalah ngan keluarga korang.. sape korang cari?? sudah semestinyer kwn kan?? aq thu, msti cte jgk kt psgn masing2.. tp korang mesti ttp luah kat kwn korang.. tu yg membuat korang lega..

ble korang tak fhm ttg belajar, spe yg korang cari??? sape yg minta tlg ajarkan? kawan jgk.. apatah lg yg duk kat hostel, tak fhm pape, trus cari kawan..

and.. pape lagi lah!

so, conclusion nyer.. mmg KAWAN ni TERsgt penting.. dalam ape jua yang kte lakukan.. msti ade kwn.. klu gaduh tu, cube fikir.. sape salah sbnrnyer?? mungkin salah kte jgk.. jgn fikir diri kite je btol.. ok??

aq pon mcm org lain jgk.. pernah mkn hati dek kwn.. kwn pun prnh mkn hati dek aq.. to all my friends,, AKU SAYANG KORANG SUME!!!!! p/s sory la klu aq x contact sgt.. hehehe.. tp! bkn bermakna aq lupe koranggggg,,,,, luv u all~~

bubye~ as salam..

aq ade bce artikel bru2 ni.. perkataan AS SALAM adalah singkatan kpd assalamualaikum.. 
so, gnekan perkataan AS SALAM.. ok?

Thursday, February 17, 2011

untitle~~ you decide the title!

if you think you r the best, SO GO ON WITH YOUR LIFE!! what? do you think i care?
just because of very small small thing, you act sooooooooooooooooo stupid.. do you think i'm saying that to you?? you're wrong girl.. i admit, it was my fault! but, you dont have to act like stupid women and mad to everyone. it was only between us, not everyone. and you dont have to related it to my life! it's gone nothing with that! remember girl, all your friend is not from here.. what? you think everyone from here is very cool cool cool person??? i dont think so girl.. you dont have to be so mad.. oh God! your gone mad girl!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


korang pernah x jadi mangsa keadaan? contoh nya.. 
1. korang kena fitnah
2. korang kena kutuk KAW KAW..
3. or something else.. 
to me, something like this happen when anybody is HATE you.

ntahlah, knp jadi camni pon aq x tahu lah.. ok, i ADMIT.. aq pon ade benci org.. xpe xde la sampai post kat everyone.. its annoying! nak kutuk pun, berpada-pada.. tp pa mangsa keadaan, korang kene nilai gak diri korang. mungkin ade btl nyer ape yg orang ckp tentang kau.. ok?

tentang kes aq ni, ape yg aq buat sume nyer tak kena.. sume salah.. tp ble tentang si N sume kate bgs, baik.. aq sedar aq bkn lah sape2 kat diorg.. tp, perlu kutuk pae yg aku buat? mungkin aq tak setanding si N tu.. yelah, N tu kan baik, sopan santun, berbudi bahasa, pandai ame hati.. klu bandingkan aq, mmg tak lah kan.. tp, aq mmg mkn hati ble diejek2 mcm tu.. aq tak mcm diorg ckp.. knp msti cmni?

korang pernah kene mcm ni x? selalu dibanding2kan.. ape yang ko buat sume nampak teruk pd mata org len.. tetapi org lain, sumenyer nmpk baik.. fikirlah, mungkin niat bergurau.. tp org lain ade perasaan.. 

so, think about it,, salam..

Monday, January 31, 2011

test @ STRESS!

fuhh... gle ah ari nie.. mmg nebeng ahh... aq ade test kitchen ASIAN hr ni.. aq masak ikan, spageti (x sedap,tawar!), n butter vegetable.. sume hampeh doo... dal lah dpt plate besar,, buruk plating aq.. huhu.. naseb2.. ikan plak.. due kali aq kene masak.. ikn yg first tu, hancur time masak.. rgghhhh!!! na nanges ase.. then, aq potong ikan len, aq msk ikan bru.. nsb yg ni oke.. then, aq msk vegetable, OVERCOOK plak.. aduyaiiii.... !! redha je lah.. then time aq masak spageti, aq salah letak bahan! ADUSH! aq pg letak paprika plak.. hahaha... hancur spageti aq... tp tu lah.. aq ni dah lah seorng yg x pandai kawal stress.. tup2.. aq sesak nafas tadi.. sbb STRESS! huh.. nasib badan la..nsb aq x pape..  then td, chef comment chef ckp yg aq ni agak teruk.. agak frust la.. hurmm... =(

WELL, conclusion nyer.. ble ade test, prepare btl2.. jgn main kelam kabut.. and one more thing! kawal stress korang.. ble korang tak kawal, korang mungkin akan jd seperti aq.. huhu.. aq ni, xleh stress lngsng.. stress je, hyperventilation.. hurm.. SO, CONTROL YOUR STRESS!

Sunday, January 30, 2011


haha,, dah lame taa update blog ni,, cian dye.. hehe..
well, aq ade something naa share.. ok, ttg CULTURE SHOCK!
 korang pernah jumpe org cam ni x? mmg tension ble jumpe org mcm.. dan yang plg taa leh blaah, kite dah sampai jepun, dye bru sampai kuala lumpur.. hehe.. well, aq x ckp aq ni up to date sgt.. tp at least aq ni mengaku aq taa thu pae gak ttg dunia semasa,fashion.. but at least aq sedar diri aku sape.. ni ntah pape.. ble org tgh ckp tentang A, dye tak thu pape pergi mrnyampuk.. klu menyampuk ckp ttg A jgk xpe gak.. ni pergi menyampuk ckp psl Z.. adushhh... haiya amoi, you bikin malu saja laa...

aq peliks gak gak ngan budak2 camni.. knp nak jd org lain? i mean.. ok, mungkin ko rase ko terpinggir sbb ko tak thu pape.. tp ko x perlu berubah drastik mcm tu skali.. slow2 laa... bkn sume org thu.. mentang2 na nmpk ko ni x CULTURE SHOCK, menipu ntah pape.. HELLO... org blh thu lah ko menipu ke tak.. xpyh la cte everything yg ko buat kat org lain.. ko buat org ketawakan kan ko je la..

so, conclusion nyer.. just be your self.. na berubah, slow-slow.. n jgn buat org GUMBIRA kerana ko.. HUHU

bkn mengutuk, tp KESEDARAN SUME... k?

Saturday, January 1, 2011

the day before new year!

jummat hr tu aku ngan kwn2 aq hangout tw.. hehe,, duet2 xde pon ktorg kluar.. ye lah, ktorg kuar bkn na shopping pon.. just nak hilangkan kebusanannnn.................. HEHE..  mule2 ktorg pergi bb.. p/s first time aku smp sane.. hehe. kat sne pergi sg wang then aq jumpe TYN!  aq jumpe kejap je, tyn sibuk shopping. then aq ngan kwn2 aq pergi pavilion, semata2 for lunch! aq, ziqah ngan wan mam nasi ayam,, not bad la nasi ayam tu..

ni la gambar time ktorg mamam.. hehe,,

lepas pergi pavi, ktorg pergi klcc lak.. time tgh jalan nak pg klcc tu, aq pening plak,, spoil tul la.. tp aq tahan je la.. smp2 klcc aq terus pergi solat, da ame wudhuk, solat.. lega lah pening kepala aq,, he, pusing2 lam klcc ktorg pergi mamam lagi! he! mam abc plak,, hehe.. BEST TAW!

then lpas tu pusing2 lagi, lps tu kan aq jumpe zaf and his friend samantha.. hehe,, borak2 ten ktorg pun blk.. smp2 umah, sblm kul 8.. he!

mlm tu, before ten dah titow, penat sgt!

tp sblm aq tdo tu, adam gtw dye na g sambt new year ngan kwn2 dye.. aq ckp, pegi je lah..

ha, tu adam yang baju hitam seluar petak2..
mmg dye have fun lla, smp satu msg x anta kat aku.. nsb da titow.. xde la aku hangin.. ngee,,
x ksh.. janji u have fun,k?

k lah.. chow!