Wednesday, December 14, 2011

dear ruthie,


now, i officially stay at langkawi island for 4 months.. im a chef trainee here.. you know what, this place are awesome! you should come here.. this resort is really2 near to beach!

okey, story about here.. the first word that i learn here is CABAI ( donno how to spell it, lbh kurang lah tuuu... ) first day i work at kitchen, one of the kitchen staff say to me like this" please cut the 'CABAI" .. i was shocked! since that time, kitchen is too pack and i cant hear her very well.. because of that, i heard like she pronounce cibai (cibai is a word like stupid, i guess).. so i ask her again, "what?".. that she said.. " can you cut a chili for me?." HAHAHAHHA... shame of me! now i know, that cabai is chili.. they using kedah words, and of course i could not understand!

i have a lot of new friends here! rachel, stephanie, shah, aidil, ayie, wan, faizal ( he's like zafree!), yugesh, wan yee, hui wen and qiqi.. and,and, and chef mat ali!!! hehe..

they all are from different college were rachel,stephanie and yugesh from segi college penang, aidil,qiqi and faizal from uitm penang, wan and ayie from same college of me but different batch, and wan yee and hui wen from taylor college..

i really enjoy here, but i really miss my home.. its so complicated to go home.. so, im stuck here.. i have to take 2 flight to go to kelantan.. and it will cost about RM 200 above.. if i total up, so that mean i have to spend rm 500 to go back to kelantan and go back to langkawi..

langkawi to kuala lumpur, kuala lumpur to kelantan + kelantan to kuala lumpur,kuala lumpur to langkawi
= rm500

that's all from me now..

love and hugs,


  1. dear lemon,
    i miss you. alot! I always think of you when funny things happen and wish you were there with me to laugh at all of it. I am so glad your managing to make funny mistakes without me there. Between the two of us we should be able to write a book on 100 ways to say things wrong in different languages! love love love - ruthie